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Armac Martin – Product Update

The latest Armac Martin product update catalogue. Armac Martin produces some of the finest appliance pulls and handles, and so, they needed a full product brochure to help showcase their exclusive products. After receiving the stunning product photography, we got to work laying out the brochure with some text about the ranges and the size dimensions. Each range has a unique identity so we went about designing each page to suit the appliance pulls and handles they were showcasing. However, it was important to make sure the catalogue felt consistent and in keeping with the Armac Martin brand.

After laying out all the pages in Adobe’s InDesign, we then went about setting up the artwork for final print. As Armac Martin wanted the product catalogue to be used across the America as well, we had to make sure the back page could be adapted to incorporate the particular dealer’s logo and address.

Adding something extra special

To add that extra bit of design flair we put the Armac Martin logo on the front cover with a metallic silver print. The logo then shines out over the photo and gives it a high-end and professional look and feel.

Once everything was laid out and thoroughly checked over with meticulous attention to detail, we set up the final artwork and got the product catalogue sent off for print. After receiving the complete product brochure, we sent it off to Armac Martin who was delighted with the final product and has had great feedback from their dealers and clients regarding it.

“Having a brochure like this, that we can overprint for any of our US and Worldwide dealers, is a real selling point in support of our dealer network. Our dealers happily share this with their customers which, means promoting our products is much easier.”

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