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Previser – Website Design & Build

PreViser, a dental software company, asked us to create their new website with a fresh new design. Approaching this design with a mobile-first approach, we came up with a wire-frame, along with a plan for user journey.

A concept was developed by understanding the target audience and making sure the user-experience was easy and accessible. The website needed to be fully responsive and look and feel correct across all devices. Also, we built the right look and felt with a soft and light theme to tie it into it’s medical and professional background. After that, we designed the style guide and got to work developing the website.

Adding functionality into the PreViser website

It was important for the site to be easily updated by the client through a content management system (CMS). We created the website in WordPress to accommodate this best. Along with a CMS, we needed to introduce responsive tables, pop-up images, external PDF links and the latest news section. Due to the planning of the website beforehand, it ensured we overcame these challenges with relative ease.

Stock images were introduced to individual pages to help add some flair to some smaller pages within the website. Being a relatively small website meant there was an issue with some pages not having a lot of content. Imagery implemented into these pages tackled the problem.

All this resulted in a professionally designed and developed, fully responsive website, on time. Since launching the site, there has been a very positive response from the client and its users.

Overall, the whole process was relatively pain-free. We made sure we had a proper plan before we started designing the new website and coupled with our mobile-first approach; it ensured PreViser’s new website was achieved in time and on the budget.

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